Posted by: einnox | April 12, 2009

Globe MMS Section

Recently I recieved a notification from GLOBE Telecom that someone has sent me a MMS message and i can find the said message under MMS Section of Since this “message” was sent by “+….” (i recognized the number my honey). I logon to the website using my phone, but i can’t find the so called MMS Section…

I tried again in the morning using the PC, again theres no MMS Section.

I Noticed that the website was on beta mode and most of the contents are electronic goods for sale. Since free to register i also take time to register.

So where’s the heck MMS stored? Is this a advertisement of GLOBE so that subscriber will visit their ecommerce website? If so, this is a lame advertising.
I spent time and money in searching for that MMS.

NOTE: My daughter also recieved same message.


  1. i cant find the so called mms annoyed me…..and pls stop sending me again

  2. at the middle of the night, my phone rang saying that i have a message that i can retrieve through your MMS sec. where the hell is that message? Pls stop sending that msg at the time of the night ur disturbing the good sleep of ur subscribers!!!

  3. Yes, gl0be really is a bullsh!t fuck! Better switch to smart! Smart ka sa Smart!

  4. i also got the same message from globe this morning at around 5am and i also couldn’t find the said MMS section. i asked the one who sent me the MMS and she said that she didn’t send any MMS at all.

    i got this from globe website:

    2. I was able to receive MMS before but, suddenly I received a text message directing me to download the message through myGlobe.

    Check available memory of your current handset. Multimedia support is dependent on handset, incoming messages volume may be larger than what is available.

    Check handset configuration, this may have been modified.”

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t answer the question regarding the MMS section.😦

  5. but i have a lot of free memory. I just wonder where the hell is MMS Section at

  6. gUys thOse sEnders whO sEnt yOu thOse mms tried thE unlimitedmms..i alsO triEd thE umms aNd i sEnt it tO my own nO. aNd i alsO rEceive thAt mEssage frOm gLobe..aNd nOw i’m alsO trying tO fiNd thE sAid mms..bUt sAd tO sAy i thiNk thE umms dOes nOt wOrk sUccesfULy.

  7. gUys thOse sEnders whO sEnt yOu thOse mms tried thE unlimitedmms..i alsO triEd thE umms aNd i sEnt it tO my own nO. aNd i alsO rEceive thAt mEssage frOm gLobe..aNd nOw i’m alsO trying tO fiNd thE sAid mms..bUt sAd tO sAy i thiNk thE umms dOes nOt wOrk sUccesfULy…,

  8. you can retrieve your mms by going to
    login with your number (63XXXXXXXXXX) and the password sent in the text.

    anyhoo, after going through all that trouble just to know where to login, the mms i got was just spam. pfft.

  9. thanks!
    nothing to check since the message was received almost a month now.

    what can i say? Globe sucks!

  10. i cannot open my 2 mms

  11. Hello to all here !!!!!!

  12. it was the second time i received an mms channeled to and with the password but same ,i can’t find the message where the hell it is… so please stop sending if
    it is just a kind of advertisement that makes us fool to
    search on………………

  13. pota kau globe wag kaung distorbo

  14. hehehe!! reading all these comments, made me realized that i Was also a victim pala?? Actually i already had an idea that kalokohan yung Msg na na received ko.. bec I asked the person who allegedly sent the MMS, he was confused, and telling me that he did not send any MMS msg for me?? Ano ba to GLOBE???

  15. i have the same problem, it has happened many times but someone really did send me an mms.. because the person confirmed and was asking if i received it.. still can’t find that damned mms section though..

  16. @Dianne,

    Please find your MMS here

    This was posted by a generous poster.


  17. Ah I also receive MMS message from globe.ah where is it.where mms section

  18. look for my mms

  19. i cant open my MMS send by 63906542959

  20. how to open my mssg??????????????i nid to open it now

  21. I’d like to join to all people pissed off by this mms fucking thing, its robbery! it deducts about P15 from your account upon receiving mms advise i want to turn it off because i dont want it and i never requested as far as i can remember! its ROBBERY!

  22. shot up! FUCKER!

    why u always get my fucking laod hupz!
    what do u think of us rich!
    pagpuyo mo oi…….
    DAMN IT!
    DONT ALWAYS stealing to my laod hupz!!

  23. Arang boanga jud ng mms message sa globe, cg padala unja dili ma open. Cg lang pangawat ug load.

  24. I saw mms section, pero di ko mahanp san itype yung password, ilang beses nq nakakatanggap ng mms di ko naman makita, sayang lng! paki clear nman po!

  25. The left side? Is this a way to promote a web? Damn.

    @Jessica Bollozos: FYI. I’m not promoting anything here. Go to google and question them why they are indexing my weblog. And why you dont use your legit email?

  26. I tried downloading the MMS once in a cafe and successfully browsed the picture. And it’s good. Same friend send me again an MMS and it was never seen because of unknown links of the website coming in. It’s disappointing. Just waisting money for this site.

  27. nice article
    i mark it.

  28. bad3p nmn!klokohan lng 2. excted pa nmn din ako mbsa! >.<

  29. I think it’s much better to change sim, because last week I subscribed to globe telecom on how to disable or stop sending mms messages which has php 15.00 deduction on load, they say that they will send me an instruction on how to disable or ways how to turn off mms and until NOW I’m still waiting for that instruction!..DAMN!>:O.ZZzzzzzz

  30. exerted time and effort just to view what could be that mms that my friend sent me…just to be disappointed of not being able to view following the lousy text instruction of globe advisory!!!

    not all phone users can afford to buy high end fones…so if mms doesnt work to some cheap fone like mine…better not advise us that we can get it from your stupid text advisory coz it only make us feel how loosers we are with a low tech fone!!!

  31. Every time mgload ako UBOS agad because of that f*cking MMS. What the F*ck is that? form of cheating? for me to load again? GLOBE USERS change na kau, ubos lang money and time natin dito.

  32. why can’t i find the mms which was sent to me? your giving me the site but i can’t open it…

  33. Last week i was able to find the mms in the given site,i downloaded a pic that a friend had sent me,I receive ANOTHER TEXT THIS MORNING VERY SURE IT WILL WORK I LOGGED ON TO website i cant find mms section,i have been trying all morning,then i read this comments realized am not alone,Globe should respond to this.How can u fool your customers

  34. last week i recieved about that massage too ot said log in to http:/ mms thean i try i never find some of thant and it keep senting me unreadable password then i search it there is noting i spent whole night researching and nothing. the prepaid globe was shitting me i spent more than 100 to make call but it dosent want a call and a text either then i wonder buying new prepaid is more affortable than making your time loss and money for nothing the so i say BUY NEW PREPAID OR SWITCH TO SMART!

  35. what brouser are you using? in mozilla Firefox just search and directs you directly to a page that requres password and ua phone no then you may view your message,i have done so many doest work with other browsers

  36. paki view naman yung msg coming from this number 819091311164 kasi yung phone ko not configured ng GPRS/MMS right now

  37. please view the mss send to me by my husband from jedah 00966542624630 coz my fone is not yet configured of GPRS /MMS. thanks

  38. hi,
    my ngsend po s akin ng mms pero dko po maopen sa phone ko dhil nd raw po configure ang fon ko s gprs…then i received a txt msg fm globe n ma retrieve ko yung mms n un f i’ll visit http// pero bkit d2 po me bumagsak? pki view nman po ung mms n un sa fon ko po plz..

  39. @ Helen, you should be redirected to this site:

    my ngsend po s akin ng mms pero dko po maopen sa phone ko dhil nd raw po configure ang fon ko s gprs…then i received a txt msg fm globe n ma retrieve ko yung mms n un f i’ll visit http// pero bkit d2 po me bumagsak? pki view nman po ung mms n un sa fon ko po plz..

  40. Hi Emilyn, there’s a text facility of globe to register your mobile to their GPRS/MMS facility. It is also risky to broadcast your husband number at www.

    please view the mss send to me by my husband from jedah 00966542624630 coz my fone is not yet configured of GPRS /MMS. thanks

  41. please send me my password need to download message sent now

  42. mobile no. is 9178037883

  43. I think the password also sent to you together with the notification.

    BTW, this is not a globe website where you post your globe Mobile numbers and ask for anything like your password. you can directly go to or call their hotline.

    please send me my password need to download message sent now

  44. mms

  45. pls view me the mms send by 639176492455 in my email right now.



  47. yes! Please stop sending messages saying to log in to get mms. there is nothing! Please dont waste our time!!!!

  48. how to open mms/pls help ,,,

  49. pls gsto kna maopen ang gprs/mms kuh,,pls pls pls

  50. pls is this a scam?? stop it nonsense

  51. how can i get my mms

  52. i can not open my mms

  53. yes, it seems that so many instructions and its not secured and safe. any one can not afford to purchase a new cp just to received an mms which was sent with someone who’s got a cp na high end na

  54. my friend from d u.s. been sending me mms, but i cant retrieved them even my phone is fully loaded, unlike b4 i can received and sent mms easily. wat happened now with ur mms service??? where are my mms now? how can i retrieved them?

  55. i cannot open my mms my celfone unit eas LG CU575

  56. my cp cannot open the mms my unit model was LG CU 575

  57. Globe sucks!!!! Can’t use MMS…..on my iphone

  58. Globe, get serious now…. provide MMS to your subscriber, else you lose most all of them!!!!

  59. Globe is a Scammer always getting load for the subscriber w/ out any confirmation , sending music, mms. then we can’t find it. Fucking bullshit my phone message full alot of message .


  61. can u publish for me the mms send by this number +639499542238

  62. how to view mms in internet

  63. can u publish for me the mms send by this number

  64. can u publish for me the mms send by this number

    Please do not publish you cellphone number for your own security. Just read the comments on this article because there are some good fellows who gave the link to view your MMS.

  65. please view it to my email right now..plz…

  66. Bkit may oras n di nmin mgamit ng alaga ko ang mms nmin.Ayaw nyang magsend

  67. even though its not yet expired i cant open mms:::(!!!

  68. good job fb/….

  69. can i view my mms pic send by this nos..+61432011129

  70. i am injoy your mms and gprs

  71. Used to receive mms direct on my mobile until today that globe sent sms to view mms through globe mms site with allegation that mobile might not hve been configured to receive mms. Its not probable as this is the first time it happnened with being a globe subscriber as I received mms direct on my mobile. Please advice.

  72. my god wheres that mms site where i can find the pictures that my mother sent to us

  73. hey wheres the mms sent by my mother

  74. who can help me to find my received mms?pls… I can’t view this photo… Pls help…

  75. hay naku….i receive a globe mms several times,hinanap ko now the mms sent to me yesterday pero wala pala. nag-load pa ko para dito lang tapos balewala lang pala. will you please stop sending me those nonsense mms, hindi pumapasok sa cellphone ko. kamamatay lang ng BF ko,kala ko ngparamdam siya,coz of the same number use sa MMS and the BLANK text sent to me. I really feel bad about this. I dont need your MMS…

  76. and if you’re a prepaid subscriber, your load will be gone by these messages sent…it would eat up your load especially if ur cel has many features……its just a dirty business with blind advertisements!!….faster than riding a taxi!!!

  77. to all those who want to view and download the MMS sent on their phone, here’s the address:
    or try:

  78. how do iget or retrieve my mms here?

  79. pls why my gprs is not subcribe hope my gprs is open what is the problem on my gprs

  80. this mms messages in almost everyone’s cel phone is a typical daily messages sent to us by globe…why?….guess, everytime it pops in your cell it’s 3 messages and according to one of globe’s customer service representative( which she wasn’t even sure) it’s being deducted php 15 up so probably of it’s 3 then it could be php 45 up…I’m not dire too but since I’m using a prepaid sim….my load seems eaten fast like a fraudalent taxi meter……this is the worst money making strategies we experience from our globe service provider and guess it’s also same with other cel phone lines…..I’m looking forward to others who maybe different from these popular lines we’re in…to play a totally efficient service provider so most of us can drop this and avail other competetors which maybe better than our problematic service provider….so just advise your friends who usually contact you , to just send email or texts rather than through mms….

  81. nasaan wala naman nanloloko naman kayo eh

  82. Can’t send & open a MMS

  83. attention Globe company!!! do something about this! I received this kind of messages for almost one week now. today I had it 6 times in the early hour of 3:45 am!! I thought it is an emergency that I had to get up and read only to find out this messages! please do something!

  84. pls stop this shit globe.

  85. how to read my mms

  86. hi,
    pls. stop send me this message and its annoying the bad thing is keep on deducting my load. i would appreciate if u could send me how to stop this.

  87. just send message to you, this message i keep receivin in my iphone mobile and all the load are deducted….what is this !!! can u send me the correct information to stop this message from my mobile so that i could stop this foolish and rubbish message…. hope ur management knows wat they are doin and who’s the right person to contact…..

  88. gusto ko makita ang mms s akin

  89. How can i viw mms to the iternet

  90. yup. every now and then you send txt early morning, kala namin emergency, tpus pala view your MMS lng naman pala,. this is very disturbing, since we thought may emergency nman. tpus we will try to retrieve our MMS, we can’t even retrieve it!

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